App licence

MYTERN App Licences can be purchased for your workplace (employees and their families) or educational institution (staff, students and parents) providing a free download for everyone, establishing a powerful common language to help deal with pressures of life at home, school and at work.

Through purchasing a MYTERN Licence, all employees and their families (or all staff, students and parents) will be able to download the MYTERN App, creating a common language across the workplace, school and at home.
The MYTERN App provides a daily message, training the brain to be in control of emotional responses to stress and pressure. Research has shown that once an individual becomes aware that their emotion does not need to be influenced by others or their workload, their levels of wellbeing, productivity and performance can increase.

Prioritise the mental and emotional health of your employees and their families (or staff, students and parents) and purchase a MYTERN App Licence today

Number of licences Price per licence Price
20 $2.50 $50
50 $2.50 $125
100 $2.50 $250
200 $2.10 $420
500 $2.10 $1,050
1,000 $1.99 $1,990
2,500 $1.50 $3,750
5,000 $1.50 $7,500
10,000 $0.99 $9,900
25,000 $0.50 $12,500
50,000 $0.40 $20,000

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